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How It Works

Eklect Enterprise has a referral program for everyone who wants to help us provide great services and solutions to individuals and businesses alike. Simply sign up as a Referral Partner and you will receive a 10% commission of the account earnings for the life of the client.

For example, if you bring on a client to Eklect and they spend $100,000 on their project, you would receive $10,000 for that project. Then, later, that same client has another project that is $20,000; you would make an additional $2,000. This cycle would continue as long as the client referred continued to use Eklect’s services through its various companies.

The referral program covers all of our companies, meaning, you make a 10% commission from any services rendered. A client could go to Eklect Technology for software solutions, purchase a subscription to My Co. Tools, and create a few customized greeting cards with Belenzo, and you would get 10% from all of these purchases.

This program is open to everyone! All you need to do is apply below!

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